Our Philosophy

ORabbit Designs is guided by three principles:

ORabbit Designs thinks it is vitally important for the future of the United States that we once again become a nation that makes things. For decades, business in the US been growing a culture of outsourcing. Job by job, we've been undermining our economic stability in exchange for a quick boost in profits. This is a tragically short-sighted policy for a number of reasons. For one, we've made ourselves dependant on outside entities for our basic necessitites; even some of our food is imported. For another, we're engaging in a new form of slavery by exploiting the poor living standards of foreign workers. And finally, we're pushing the Earth toward the tipping point by moving our factories to countries with poor environmental regulations. This race to the bottom has got to stop!

By ordering your shirts from ORabbit Designs, you're supporting domestic manufacturing. We're a growing business, and plan to create jobs as we grow. We've selected the shirts we offer based on thorough research of each manufacturer, so you can rest assured that whichever garment you choose, you've minimized the social and environmental impacts of your purchase. If made in USA & organic cotton are important to you, we offer several options to meet your needs. See the apparel page for more information.